A dark jar of Chai sits on a concrete backdrop. There is an orange logo of a smiling sun with the words Sun Chai, Turmeric Chai Blend written on it.

Loose Leaf Tea - Sun Chai

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In our opinion, Chai is one of the most comforting drinks in the tea family. This Ayurvedic inspired blend features certified organic Turmeric, Cinnamon and Ginger that provide a spicy mix of flavours and potentially healing benefits. 

  • Ceylon Cinnamon - Can help brain function, offer protection against toxins, balances blood sugar
  • Turmeric - Assists in reducing inflammation, potential anti-aging benefits
  • All-spice and Cloves - Can have anti-bacterial properties
  • Ginger and Cardamon - Offers warmth and calming

How to: Infuse one teaspoon in freshly boiled water for 2 - 5 minutes depending on preferred strength. We like to add warmed almond milk and a huge dollop of Gary's Honey as a natural sweetener. Serve in your favourite mug and breath it in before your first sip.

Ingredients: Ground true cinnamon* (Ceylon), ground turmeric*, ground cardamom*,  ground ginger*, ground all spice (pimento)*, ground cloves*

*Australian Certified Organic

Approximate weight 80g / 45 Servings