What does ‘Radical Self Care’ look like for you?

I’m one of those people who unfortunately feels driven to constantly be productive. The capitalism worms in my brain make me feel horribly guilty for not actively producing all the time. Lockdowns obviously forced me to do a lot of self-reflection and this thought pattern was causing a lot of upset for both myself and those forced to witness my under-stimulation meltdowns to micromanaging maniac pendulum swings. Actively and unapologetically taking time off for things that give me pleasure or make me happy, or nurtures something non-monetary related, is pretty rad to me.


(Jonti holds on to a piece of our rough amethyst points)

How do you connect with yourself?

Per my therapists recommendation, I’ve been using EFT tapping to recenter myself when I feel like I’m spinning out. It’s been great to centralise my thoughts and work things through once I’m back in control. Orgasms are terrific ways to reconnect to yourself as well, and that’s also 100% free. If I feel I need to connect to myself emotionally, a well-curated playlist, a herbal cigarette wrap, some candles and a shower/cry/singalong goes a long way.

(Lighting up some Dutchie incense

What’s the fastest way back into your body?

This is a little yikes but bear with me okay? Pain. BUT!!! This is far less yikes once you have the context I promise. I’m specifically referring to tattoo pain. It’s a very fun hobby of mine/I work in the industry. Anyone who gets tattooed with frequency can vouch there’s nothing like that electric cat-scratch/wet-fire combo to bring you right back to earth. The razor focus adrenaline afterwards is also very addictive. A little yikes, but not super duper yikes. 

(Jonti sprays some Happy Society space mist around their room)

What helps you become present? 

Stimming. As a neurodivergent person, stimming helps me physically express high-intensity energy in my brain in a productive, harm-free way so I can focus & process with better clarity and speed.

What’s in your self-care toolkit?

Elton. Fluffy dog cuddles are my favourite way to end a day. My Frank Green water bottle, preferably with ice cubes. A good shower session, fresh sheets  and lighting a fresh stick of incense are also my go-tos when I need some self-love.

(Jonti observes the little universe that is our Rainbow Fluorite)

What would you like to see more of in the wellness space?

Inclusivity and representation. Major self care brands and the ‘largest’ influencers within the wellness space/industry are white people. Myself included. But very more often than not, it’s white cis dudes taking home the cash. There needs to be a larger platform and amplification for BIPOC owned and run businesses. Oh! Gender inclusivity, obviously.! Additionally, accessibility. An overwhelming amount of self-care & wellness brands exclude the disabled. THIS INCLUDES LAZY/ABSENT CLOSE-CAPTIONING BTW.  

Less of?

Cis-men. Specifically in the period-care industry, but I’m sure I can think of a few more...